Jan Smith

Jan Smith

On July 18th, KoreFusion’s Founding Partner, Jan Smith, presented at the Fintech Diaspora Americas Forum in Los Angeles, sharing his thoughts on the state of Fintech in Latin America. Jan’s presentation was based on KoreFusion's experience working with payments and fintech firms throughout the region over the past few years, and looked at key drivers and potential opportunities in the region.

Jan started his presentation by providing an overview of the market, highlighting some of the key sectors fintechs have focused on, and underscoring how early in its development this industry is within the region - pointing out that over 60% of fintech’s in Latin America are less than 3 years old.

After highlighting 6 of the key drivers supporting the development of fintech in the region, Jan discussed how these drivers, along with the convergence of technology and regulations, will affect some of the key industry sub-verticals going forward. Jan also highlighted some areas with overlooked potential.

Finally, Jan discussed how homegrown fintechs in Latin America have overcome market constraints in building their businesses and the challenges that foreign firms would face entering the market.  Jan closed by highlighting some of the main opportunities we as a firm see for both foreign and local fintechs and the investor community.

You can download Jan’s presentation here.

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