Jan Smith

Jan Smith

KoreFusion was at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam this year.

Money2020's Amsterdam edition is always an excellent event for networking, as well as for some of the latest trends in Payments. This year, some of the main talking points were around AI's influence in payments systems and how real-time payments are revolutionizing the industry.


Our main take-aways are the following:

1. AI: truly one of the main focus points of this year's Money20/20. It is transforming payment systems in ways such as enhancing security through fraud detection, and improving regulatory compliance by monitoring transactions and identifying issues before they arise.
2. Digital Payments and Blockchain: the exploration of blockchain technology's role in revolutionizing payment methods, including the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.
3. Real-time payments: highlighting new payment solutions and technologies from leading companies like Stripe,, and Revolut, focusing on improving speed and reducing costs. Several European markets are also rolling out new instant payment initiatives.
4. Cross-border payments: AI and blockchain technology are aiming to enhance speed and transparency of international transactions.