KoreFusion's Take on Emerging Trends in Merchant Payments

KoreFusion Partners Daniel Ben-Aron and Jan Smith had a busy three days at MPE 2024 in Berlin. Solid presentations and great networking. Five key takeaways from the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference:

• B2B payments are on everybody's radar but few companies are specialists, and we are still in the early stages of solutions and investments.

• Cross-border payments continue to be an area of investment and innovation, with emerging markets often leading the way.

• Open Banking is having a moment of introspection and realizing that not everything it promised has come to pass, but the future is still optimistic.

• AI for everything (of course): UX, Fraud Prevention, Improving Productivity, you name it; somebody is offering it.

• Public and private payment rails compete, co-exist, and drive innovation for payment processing and merchant services--we are entering the mid-game.

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